Ground Rules for Facilitation Meetings

Do you find it challenging to corral a large group of people in order to make a decision or resolve an issue?   I recently completed a conflict resolution session where there were many issues, personalities and passions at play.  Below are the ground rules we used to guide our discussion.

  • Stick to timeframes
  • Ask Questions for clarification, not accusation
  • Focus on the future
  • Respect the past
  • Check assumptions at the door
  • Listen / Seek to understand…before responding
  • Avoid Point – Counterpoint —  Go for “interests” not just “positions,”
  • Real or Not real?  – Distinguish a real “rule” from a personal/group unspoken rule, expectation, hope, desire, etc.
  • No side conversations, only one person talking at a time
  • Let’s hear from everyone, don’t dominate

Let me know if these work for you and if you have other ground rules to achieve your meeting goals.

Take care,   C2

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As I start my new HR consulting practice, I plan to use this blog to share insights and ideas that will help our individual and organizational effectiveness.  I will draw from over 25 years of experience in professional work settings as well as various community activities.  Regardless of the setting, the aim is to enhance our interpersonal and self-awareness skills as we achieve our goals. Some ideas may be easy to see and implement, while others involve inner work that goes deeper and may be harder to see at first.   As I get going, perhaps you might chime in with your own reflections on what works (or doesn’t) for you. Finally, if there are topics you think I should address, please let me know.

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