Ground Rules for Facilitation Meetings

Do you find it challenging to corral a large group of people in order to make a decision or resolve an issue?   I recently completed a conflict resolution session where there were many issues, personalities and passions at play.  Below are the ground rules we used to guide our discussion.

  • Stick to timeframes
  • Ask Questions for clarification, not accusation
  • Focus on the future
  • Respect the past
  • Check assumptions at the door
  • Listen / Seek to understand…before responding
  • Avoid Point – Counterpoint —  Go for “interests” not just “positions,”
  • Real or Not real?  – Distinguish a real “rule” from a personal/group unspoken rule, expectation, hope, desire, etc.
  • No side conversations, only one person talking at a time
  • Let’s hear from everyone, don’t dominate

Let me know if these work for you and if you have other ground rules to achieve your meeting goals.

Take care,   C2

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